Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography(Evening Series)

with Sue Sutherland-Hanson

Exploring and telling our stories feeds the soul and forms community.

We will “look at the past through the lens of adult experience, write about it from a holistic or spiritual perspective, and come to understand it differently in the process.” —Dan Wakefield

Sue Sutherland-Hanson, MAT, M.Div.
Sue enjoys creating contexts for people to see the wisdom they embody.

She has led workshops on spiritual autobiography, creative writing, modes of creativity, and the spirituality of the body.

An award-winning poet and essayist, Sue teaches English to students from all language backgrounds at Edmonds Community College.

Her passion for diversity and her lifelong connection to the Northwest infuse her art, teaching, and spirituality.


Writing can be a spiritual tool used to bring all of your life into the light of grace leading often to transformation.

This is not a writing class; a variety of levels and abilities are expected and welcome.

Adapting prompts from Dan Wakefield’s book The Story of Your Life — Writing a Spiritual Autobiography, we will recall our childhood, adolescence, mentors, and influencing experiences. (No text is needed.)

You can start with the Saturday morning session as an introductory “launch,” or just come to these for four week-night sessions for continued exploring, writing, and sharing in community.

When: Thursday Evenings
Oct. 20 – Nov. 17
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost: $60 by Oct. 16
$65 by Oct. 20

Register Online

Where: Suquamish UCC Church
18732 Division Ave NE
Suquamish, WA 98392

For more information:
Call (360) 598-4434.

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